• We are a company making financial access to opportunities which will add value to customers easier,
  • Offering a digital, fast, convenient, and safe loan experience,
  • Investing in process excellence in customer experience,
  • and establishing a lifetime bond based on excellent service.


To be a leading and innovative brand creating a difference in digital financing solutions.

Making a difference: Offer fast, user friendly and convenient experience on the digital platform.

Innovative: Always offer the most advanced capabilities in customer experience as a close follower of digital technologies.

Leader: Offer the best service and capabilities in digital loans, earning a distinguished and respectable position.



We aim to offer our customer fast and easy funding and support them in subsequent processes. We believe that customer experience is the most important investment in the long term, and we improve ourselves continuously in line with the feedback from our customers.

Reliability and Accountability

We finance instruments in line with our customers’ needs according to their ability to pay. We help our customers experiencing difficulties in payment sell off of their cars at market value with a proactive method and through our partnerships, much sooner than through legal processes.


We aim to provide solutions for customer needs which change in time, using evolving technologies. We design compliant and innovative solutions for our customers' needs, and keep our processes updated at all times.


We make our plans with no compromise in our products and services. Our target in terms of customer complaints and dissatisfaction is absolutely zero.