Credin is based on 81 years of experience!

Credin has been established by Petrol Ofisi, the leader in the Turkish fuel and lubricants industry, and started its operations with the license given by BDDK in the commitee decision published on 27 May 2022.

Petrol Ofisi started its operations in 1941 in Ankara as a public enterprise, and became a joint stock company in 1983. The company was privatized in 2000, when all of its stock was turned over to Vitol, the world's leading energy trader company, in 4 March 2017. This transfer, which was the biggest capital movement in Turkey in 2017, was also a giant investment by one of the leading companies in its sector worldwide, showing the trust in Turkey on the global arena.

Petrol Ofisi has a local loan rating of AA- and integration with 18 banks in Turkey, with new value-adding investments by the day based on its strong financial stucture and cash flow.

Vitol, who holds 100 percent of the shares in Credin through Petrol Ofisi, has operations since over 50 years. With investments in over 40 countries, Vitol provides services globally with high storage capacity on every continent, 250 oil tankers and over 7000 fuel stations.

We offer reliable service 24/7!

You may apply for our products based on digital customer journey at any time during the day over our website or mobile app. You may also reach us all day long by calling our Call Center or by using the contact form on our website. You may also reach us all day long by calling our Call Center or by using the contact form on our website.

Our Priority is 100% Customer Satisfaction!

We offer support in financing value-adding individual investments. We recognize the importance of customer experience, and work to improve it. We provide above average transparency about our products and fees, and offer a convenient experience in payments, viewing instalments, early payment, or financing a new opportunity. We respond to our customers' requests asap, and in line with a heritage dating back 81 years, we use a 'customer first' approach to create a lasting bond between the customer and our company throughout all our customer services processes and product designs.

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We conduct all the processes with our digital partners for you, and provide the most reliable service.

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Our Partnerships

Petrol Ofisi
Download the mobile app of Petrol Ofisi, leader in the fuel industry, and enter the ref code provided by Credin to win fuel points for free in current campaigns. Join #HemenCredin, catch the opportunities.
Customers of VavaCars, which brings an innovative perspective to buying & selling used cars, will now be able to get their car loans right away from #HemenCredin. A seamless experience with a strong integration journey is designed between VavaCars and Credin. You may own the car you have been dreaming of within minutes.
Türkiye İş Bankası
Credin customers can make their loan payments from Türkiye İş Bankası branches, ATMs and digital channels.
QNB Finansbank
Credin customers may pay back their loans easily and without any charges in QNB Finansbank branches, ATMs, and on digital channels.
Credin customers can make their loan payments easily from Akbank branches, ATMs and digital banking channels.